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Established in 1960, by Dr P.S Hardia, great Ophthalmologist has proven themselves as leader in the field of refractive surgery. Among the largest refractive surgery centers in India. Dr.P.S. Hardia Advanced Eye Surgery and Research Institute is best place for your eye care. We provide latest and best Diagnosis for any Eye Disorder with 100% commitment, Compassion and confidence. We are all focused on delivering the best and most safe ophthalmic care. Our expertise and experienced has delivered lakhs of refractive surgeries over the years making us the hospital of choice. Dr. P.S. Hardia has performed over 650,000 refractive surgeries. We strive to provide our patients with the best patient care experience and quality of vision available today. Dr Hardia eye hospital is one of the trusted and pioneering eye super specialties centre synonymous with state of art equipment and the highest level professional excellence and ethical values in ophthalmic care.

Our Mission

To achieve leadership in scientific research and clinical practice in the prevention of blindness and eye disease through being a global leader in scientific research recognized for translation of research into community outcomes Commitment to growing the reach of our research capability and clinical services.

Our Services

Dr. P. S. Hardia Advanced Eye Surgery and Research Institute performs many research procedures. Please navigate through the links to know more about each service that is offered.

Special Research

Following special research activities are performed at Dr. P. S. Hardia Advanced Eye Surgery and Research Institute.

  • Radial keratotomy
  • O.L. Implants
  • Keratoplasty
  • Management of Myopia through surgical approach
  • Myopia as low vision aid


Yesterday’s dream vision beyond glasses is today’s reality. No longer is one dependent on glasses to see clearly because there are much better and personalized vision solutions are available. Zyoptix is the result of a quantum leap in technology of sight restoration and    enhancement

PRK and Lasik

With the advent of the excimer laser, refractive surgery is opening up new lifestyle choices to people who were previously dependent on spectacles or contact lenses for clear vision. Utilizing the accuracy and precision of the computer-controlled excimer laser, photo refractive keratectomy (PRK) or


A cataract is a condition in which the clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy, preventing sufficient light rays from entering the eye and impairing vision.
Cataract is not a tumor or a growth over the eye as is commonly feared. It is normal


Glaucoma accounts for 3% of blindness in India. It is an eye disease in which the pressure of the eye rises to a point that the optic nerve becomes damaged.
The pressure that builds up occurs because too much fluid is formed or because the


Squints in Children: – A squint occurs when one eye is straight and the other eye turns away from the straight position. This condition can happen at any age.
The squinting eye can turn inwards (convergent squint) or outwards (divergent squint). A squint can

Tearing Disorder

Where do tears come from and where do they go?

Tears are produced constantly by the lacrimal gland which is located under the upper eyelid. Tears are essential because they form a thin film that coats the front surface of the eye and prevents it


Amblyopia is commonly known as lazy eye. This should not be confused with squints. Amblyopia is poor vision in an eye that did not develop normal sight during early childhood.

After the age of four years, the development of the part of the brain

Community Service

Dr. Pratap Singh Hardia of Indore, ophthalmologist by profession, philanthropist by nature, has entered the Gunnies Book Of Records for having performed over five lakh eye operations in 33 years. The 62- year- old medico, whose patients include politicians and sportsperson, is known for the free

Research and Training

We at Dr. P. S. Hardia Advanced Eye Surgery and Research institute ensure that we undertake research and training activities to keep up with the advancements in the industry.

Eye Donation

Die selflessly and give vision to another person. Our eyes can live even after our death and most important we can light the life of two blind people by donating our eyes.

Not only you can light the life of someone else, but the eyes

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