Lasik is a very painless and quick surgery. Therefore, there is no need to panic and you should be well rested and relaxed when you arrive for your surgery. Have light food, wear comfortable clothing, wear no makeup or earring on the day of your surgery.
Your vision would be slightly blurred after the operation, so ensure that you bring someone to take you home, or you can take a taxi as well.
Before the surgery, you will be asked to sign the informed consent form and make the payment.
We’ll use anesthetic drops to numb your eye.
After we administer the numbing drops, we’ll take you into the laser suite. By the way, you can view the laser equipment before the numbing drops are used. Your relatives or friends can also view the procedure on a Closed Circuit TV arrangement.
As LASIK is slightly more surgical in nature, sterile surgical conditions are maintained.
Your face is cleaned with a disinfectant.
You wear a surgical cap.
Your eyelashes are taped out of the way and an eyelid holder is put in your eye to prevent blinking.
In the LASIK procedure, a small flap is made in the cornea. To hold your eye in position while the flap is being made, we use what’s called a suction ring. While the flap is made, you will not see anything or even feel the pain, although you might feel slight pressure. You are asked to fixate on a red/green target light.
The laser part of the procedure is performed and takes 1-2 minutes. The flap is placed back into position and the surgeon will wait 3 to 5 minutes for the eye to create a natural vacuum to hold the flap down. The typical LASIK procedure takes about 10 minutes per eye.
After the surgery, you can go home within 30-40 minutes. Instructions to use medications and eye drops are given. You are required to strictly follow them.

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We are pioneers in Refractive Surgery, first Refractive surgery for (–No) R K was done in the year 1978 And started Refractive surgery for (+No) R K in the year 1984..

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