Dr. P. S. Hardia F.A.C.S., D.O.M.S., F.O.R.C.E.

Founder & Head, Dr. P. S. Hardia Advanced Eye Surgery and Research Centre.

Conferred the prestigious “Guinness Book of World Records” award for highest number of surgeries and “Life Time Achievement Award”.

Since completing his MBBS from MGM Medical College Indore in 1964, ophthalmologist Dr P. S. Hardia has performed over 650,000 eye surgeries successfully — about 60 per cent of them have been on the house. “It’s not a great thing,” says the self-effacing 68 year-old. “I just don’t charge patients who cannot afford it.” Dr Hardia gets patients from across India and abroad at his Dr P S Hardia Advanced Eye Surgery and Research Institute, so money is no object. His name even finds a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records for performing the largest number of eye surgeries. In 2002, while the West was working on a microchip to restore vision in patients with acquired blindness owing to vascularity of the retina, Dr Hardia restored the vision of 38 year-old Aslam Khan by using a retinal artery bypass technique called ‘pedicle omentopexy’ (discovered by Dr V K Agrawal). The surgery, aired on Discovery channel, made international headlines.

Through Dedication, Professionalism, and perseverance Dr Hardia hospital is confident to achieving its goal of bringing quality eye care to people across India.

At Dr Hardia Eye Hospital, we feel pride on our team of specialist who gave their cent percent in doing surgeries and also help patients end to end from medicine treatment to surgery. Dr Hardia received national and international awards in the field of eye care service

Dr. P.S. Hardia says that-

“Everybody can be great — because everybody can serve others. You don’t need a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace.”

We Exist for Your Healthy Eyesight

We Treat Patients like Family
Our success is based on a simple formula: treat our patients like family..We treat patients like Family: You will feel at home when you visit our hospital. Dr. P.S Hardia hospital is built on foundation of excellence, humanity and patient satisfaction. Every corner radiates our vision of servicing humanity. Here at Hardia Eye Hospital, you are more than a patient; you are family
Friendly and Knowledgeable Team
Dr. PS Hardia, is the one of the most respected and experienced experts in the field of Ophthalmology under his guidance Dr. Rajeev Hardia and his team of Ophthalmologist, Optometrists, Opticians, Ophthalmic pathology and others are committed to giving you exceptional eye care that you can trust. We offer the most-advanced technology and ensure that our doctors undergo extensive training for each vision-correction procedure implemented at our state-of-the-art eye hospital..
We are Pioneers
We are pioneers in Refractive Surgery, first Refractive surgery for (–No) R K was done in the year 1978 And started Refractive surgery for (+No) R K in the year 1984..
State of the Art Eye Hospital Advanced Technology
Dr. P. S. Hardia Advanced Eye Care and Research Institute has the latest state-of-art equipment and facilities for the best treatment of your eyes.
We are Committed to Welfare and Eye Health of Communities
Hospital organizes Free and charitable eye camps across India and other countries every year and so far 515+ eye camps have been successfully organised. Till 178 FREE EYE CAMPS IN RADIAL KERATOTOMY, 332 CAMPS IN CATARACT & IOL, 5 IN DIAGNOSES were successfully organised

Better Eye Care is Our Mission

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