Dr. P.S. Hardia

Dr. P.S. Hardia is an Ophthalmologist a renowned Eye Surgeon having an experience since four decade. He has completed MBBS from India in (1964),  D.O.M.S. (1966),  M.S. (OPHTH.) (1970),  B.C.R.K., U.S.A., (1988) F.O.R.C.E. (I) F.I.J.O.F. (JAPAN) M.A.A. (OPHTH) .F.A.C.S. (America 2007), U.S.A. MAHAKOSHALMEDICAL COUNCIL, REGN. 688.

Dr.PS Hardia’s Social activities and associations in the arena of Eye  treatment and surgery rendered by Dr.PS Hardia since 01 January 1965 till today for poor, needy and deserving patients of various provinces of India and abroad either by charity or mostly free of cost.

India is proud in having many Great men, they all glitter in their own respective arena .Dr.Pratap Singh Hardia must be one among them. His achievements lies in curring millions from Eye related ailment and giving millions Ray of Light in their lost Eyes. We do believe strongly that Dr. Hardia’s monumental works could never be wiped-out by Scourage of time .Rather, it will be shining in the hearts of the Millions of Human being.  In conformity with the eloquent Message of Swami Vivekananda that “SERVICE TO MAN IS SERVICE TO GOD”, Dr. Pratap Singh Hardia’s  life long devotion for the cause of the poor , needy and deserving  people, carries the eternal flame of Swami Vivekananda’s Message.

We, there fore, solicit your kind attention and pragmatic out look  to our humble appeal for the recognition of the Humanitarian Service rendered by Dr.Pratap Singh  Hardia through out his tireless  life by offering him “PADMA BHUSAN AWARD”  on the Republic day of the Nation-2015  in conformity with the tradition of upholding cultural values of our holy Mother Land.

Skills & Strength

  • o.l. implants
  • keratoplasty
  • management of myopia through surgical approach
  • myopia as low vision aid
  • hypermetropia surgery
  • excimer laser surgery
  • squint correction
  • cryo surgery
  • yag laser eye surgery
  • excimer laser surgery corneal shaping surgery
  • refractive keratotomy for hyperopia
  • yag peripheral basel iridectomy
  • thermal keratotomy
  • lasik surgery
  • pedical omentopexy (Revascularisation) FOR RETINAL DEGENARATION
  • Laser D.C.R.
  • Preshbyopia
  • Laser glucoma surgery
Professional & Memberships of Following


  1. ALL india ophthalmological association (h000001268).
  2. indian medical association. l/m (h-12) (m/p1419/25/474/36340/93 94/l).
  3. asia pacific intra ocular implant association SINGAPORE.
  4. member of indo-japan ophthalmological FOUNDATION.
  5. all india intraocular implant society. (lm/142) .
  6. all india strabumological opthalmic SOCIETY.
  7. member of kerato refractive society, denison texas.
  8. excimer laser europian ophthalmic society strasbourg, (france).
  9. american academy of ophthalmology (00161327)
  10. life patron of the iskcon no. bdq 2466
  11. international association of ocular (chicago o;;ompos)
  12. member of international disordered systems associations society (india’s)
  13. e.t.r.a. (national eye care training and research academy, india)
  14. national programme for control of blindness (n.P.C.B.) of the constitution of the technical advisory committee. membership no. l-1077
  15. life member of ialsm (indian association of laser surgery and medicine)
  16. american society of contemporary ophthalmology and international glaucoma congress.
  17. american biographical institute, inc. by the institute’s governing board of editors for the edition of international directomy of distinguished leadership.
  18. lions club of kathmandu.
  19. delhi ophthalmological society, (dos) l/m no. h-973 ophthalmic panorama-1999.
  20. p. state ophthalmic society (life membership no. h-12)
  21. international disordered-systems associates society (india’s) (1 to 3 december 2000) mem no. 51/1992/u-III/mds/india
  22. association of medical sciences life member no. lm/214
  23. member of rotary club
  24. life member yeshwant club (l-2079)
  25. s.c.r.s., a.s.o.a. (american society of cataract and refractive surgery american society of ophthalmic administrators) (Membership No. 073010)
  26. indian red cross society no. 4640 of 1998
  27. strabismdogical society of india l/m 48

National & International Conferences Attended


  1. symposium on the controversies in r.k. at gujrat in dehgaon (april 1986).
  2. all india ophthalmological conference conducted workshop on r.k. & intra ocular implant on 12th oct. 1987 at m.g.m. medical college, indore
  3. workshop on r.k. intra ocular implant, excimer laser, r.k. & reshaping the cornea & yag laser capsultomomy, my indications and techniques at jabalpur on (20th dec 1987)
  4. kiryu eye clinic japan attending conference 26th june 1988
  5. w.b. barkely course on r.k. kiryu japan institute of clinical ophthalmology (27th – 28th june 1988), with papers & video film presentation.
  6. 2nd international conference on cataract implant and refractive keratoplasty at nagoya japan (1-3 july 1988)
  7. ahmedabad academy of ophthalmology, sep 23, 1988. paper presented posterior scleral support in high progressive myopia (moderator and panelist for myopia and implant sessions).
  8. international catact implant, microsurgical and refractive keratoplasty meeting at fukuoka, japan, (may 26-28, 1989) presented video film “no glasses, no iol & no contact lens” in aphakia thermal keratoplasty a refractive surgery.
  9. 2nd international conference on cataract implant and refractive keratoplasty at nagoya, japan (1-3 july 1988)
  10. second congress indo japanese ophth. foundation (17-21 feb. 1989) ethical and medicolegal aspcts of refractive surgery. panelist in panel discussion refractive surgery present, past & future.
  11. aesculap meditech gmbh d.8501 heroldsbourg (germany for excimer laser training) 10th dec 1989
  12. attended workshop on excimer laser at strasbourg (dec 1989) france
  13. attended excimer laser training strasbourg at dr. klane corneal shaping and radial keratotomy hospital, france (july 1990).
  14. Workshop on r.k. vardhman medical college, west bengal (jan 1990).
  15. aesculap meditech gmbh heroldsbourg (germany) for excimer laser training 2nd july 1990
  16. guest speaker in workshop on lasers in ophthalmology (17-18, august 1991) with video presentation (ahmedabad)
  17. guest speaker in medical college, m.g.m. medical college, indore (1-3rd feb 1991)
  18. attended first ophthalmic conference of saarc countries at kathmandu (nepal) on surgery for astigmatism.
  19. participated at all india ophthalmological conference in ahmedabad held on 17-08-1991.
  20. paper on excimer laser surgery a report on 1068 laser cases in switzerland 1991.
  21. participated meeting at american academy of ophth. san francisco (u.s.a.) 5th nov. 1992.
  22. american academy ophthalmology conference 7th nov to 9th 1992 in dallas (usa)
  23. attended 51st conference of all india ophthalmological society at jaipur (feb 3-6, 1993)
  24. first snec international meeting attended on 16-20 april 1993 in singapore national eye center.
  25. attended international free eye camp on r.k. in kathmandu (nepal) on 4th to 7th april 1993
  26. attended 52nd annual conference of all india ophthalmology society, january 3rd to 6th 1994 in calcutta.
  27. participated in 4th international congress of intraocular implant society of india at calcutta on 1st and 2nd jan 1994.
  28. attended workshop on anterior segment micro surgery and symposium on corneal disease at choithram hospital and research center, indore on 16th jan 1994.
  29. workshop cum free eye camp done at dr. sahay eye hospital and research center, jaipur on date 30th to 31st march 1994.
  30. workshop cum free camp done at dr. jawahar lal rohatgi smarak netra chikitsalaya and dr. rajendra rohatgi institute of ophthalmology, kanpur on date 23rd april to 25th april 1994.
  31. attended free international rk. camp, birganj (nepal 1994)
  32. workshop on cataract (live demonstration phacoemulsification) (under national programme for prevention of blindness and cme programme) ophthalmology p.g. academic and research forum, dept. of ophthalmology, m.g.m. medical college and shiv parvati charitable eye hospital, indore
  33. goa ophthalmic society attended on 25-10-1995 in goa
  34. attended free international rk camp in birganj (nepal) 24-11-1995.
  35. attended 53rd aios conference 1995, bombay.
  36. attended 54th aios conference 1996, chandigarh (1-3 feb 1996) as a moderator, incisional refractive surgery (refractive society of india)
  37. attended free international rk camp in kathmandu (nepal) lions club of kathmandu 1-3 march 1996
  38. paper accepted on “thermal keratectomy” in correction of hypermetropia and “a twin procedure for correction of high myopia refractive workshop at sitapur eye hospital from date 22nd to 24th aug 96 at sitapur”.
  39. attended joint snec and orbis course 2-5 aug, 1996 singapore.
  40. participation in conference at france and germany for excimer laser surgery 15th aug 1996.
  41. attended refractive workshop at sitapur eye hospital from date 22nd to 24th aug 96 at sitapur”.
  42. attended free international rk camp in kathmandu (nepal) lions club of kathmandu 27-28th feb 1997.
  43. attended workshop cum free r.k. camp at kanpur dr. jawahar lal rohatgi hospital 29-08-97.
  44. attended aisa pacific intra ocular implant association at delhi 26-09-1997 to 28-09-1997.
  45. attended 10th international meeting on cataract implant micro surgeryand refractive keratoplasty at delhi 26-09-1997.
  46. lecture and slide presented on subject “past, present and future of refractive surgery in india” in the 10th icimrk meeting and symposium delhi as a keynote 26.09.1997.
  47. lecture and slide presented on subject “edge of r.k. over prk” in the 10th icimrk meeting and symposiium delhi on date 27-09-1997 as a convenor.
  48. lecture and slide presented on subject “advantage of lasik over prk” in the 10 icimrk meeting symposium delhi on date 27-09-1997 as a convenor.
  49. b.c. roy oration: past, present and future in refractive surgery by dr. p.s. hardia.
  50. free eye camp attended in birganj (nepal) on 27th, 28th nov. 1998 with other specialist.
  51. attended asculap meditech meeting for laser user at germany aug. 1999.
  52. attended american academy of ophthalmology meeting at orlando (usa) in oct. 1999.
  53. attended durgapur ophthalmology society seminar on lasik at durgapur during an free eye camp organized by durgapur children’s academy of culture at vivekanand hospital on date 13th, 14th nov. 1999.
  54. attended ascrs. asoa (american society of cataract and refractive surgery american society of ophthalmic administrator) conference at sandiago (california) on 26-04-2001 to 02-05-2001. agenda scleral expansion bank procedure (srp) for the surgical treatment of presbyopia.
  55. attended meeting of american academy of ophthalmology at orlando u.s.a. in nov, 2003.
  56. 29th m.p. state ophthalmic conference on 8th to 10th Oct 04.




His Outstanding  contribution in the Field of Eye Surgery gave  LIGHT TO BE BLIND AND LIFE TO THE LIFELESS AS PREACHED BY SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, prove himself a become  of Light.


His social service in the field of Eye Treatment/ Eye Surgery and glorious research and outstanding contribution mentioned below:-


  • Pedicel Omentopexy in case of Retinal degeneration which was invented by Dr PS Hardia first time in the World in the year 2001 and the report was published by the NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHER,NEW YARK (USA).


  • Excimer Laser Technology implemented by Dr. Hardia in the year 1990(First time in Asia) for Eye Surgery of High Myopia.


  • Radial Keratotomy operation started by Dr P S Hardia (first time in India) in the year 1980 in case of High Myopia.



He is the Architect of Shiv Parvati Memorial Charitable Eye Hospital” at Indore in the year 1981 and started functioning for poor and deserving patients of our country as free of cost.


We Exist for Your Healthy Eyesight

We Treat Patients like Family
Our success is based on a simple formula: treat our patients like family..We treat patients like Family: You will feel at home when you visit our hospital. Dr. P.S Hardia hospital is built on foundation of excellence, humanity and patient satisfaction. Every corner radiates our vision of servicing humanity. Here at Hardia Eye Hospital, you are more than a patient; you are family
Friendly and Knowledgeable Team
Dr. PS Hardia, is the one of the most respected and experienced experts in the field of Ophthalmology under his guidance Dr. Rajeev Hardia and his team of Ophthalmologist, Optometrists, Opticians, Ophthalmic pathology and others are committed to giving you exceptional eye care that you can trust. We offer the most-advanced technology and ensure that our doctors undergo extensive training for each vision-correction procedure implemented at our state-of-the-art eye hospital..
We are Pioneers
We are pioneers in Refractive Surgery, first Refractive surgery for (–No) R K was done in the year 1978 And started Refractive surgery for (+No) R K in the year 1984..
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Dr. P. S. Hardia Advanced Eye Care and Research Institute has the latest state-of-art equipment and facilities for the best treatment of your eyes.
We are Committed to Welfare and Eye Health of Communities
Hospital organizes Free and charitable eye camps across India and other countries every year and so far 515+ eye camps have been successfully organised. Till 178 FREE EYE CAMPS IN RADIAL KERATOTOMY, 332 CAMPS IN CATARACT & IOL, 5 IN DIAGNOSES were successfully organised

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