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Over 515,842+ refractive surgeries and we remain to serve people and care for humanity


Dr. P.S. Hardia Advance eye surgery & Research Institute has experienced surgeon and healthcare professional in Indore, India. We at Dr. P.S. Hardia eye hospital perform various surgery like Lasik surgery, PRK and Lasik surgery, Cataract treatment, Glaucoma Treatment, Squints, Tearing Disorder, Amblyopia.

Dr. Hardia holds a world record for performing highest number of eye surgeries and his experience is the hallmark for the hospital.

Equipment and Technology

World class eye surgery, requires world class equipments and technology. Dr. P. S. Hardia Advanced Eye Surgery Research Institute has the best state-of-the-art surgical equipments available.

We strongly believe that the technology plays very vital role in a various surgeries. We continuously use upgrade technology and we have well experienced staff for handling our technology.


Dr. P. S. Hardia Advanced Eye Surgery and Research institute is a high-tech Eye Hospital offering comprehensive Eye Care facilities in Indore, India.

Our OP is all air conditioned with latest facilities such as auto refractometers, Direct & Indirect Ophthalmoscopes, A scan, A+B scan, automated field of vision analyzer, slit lamps etc.

Operation Theater

We are using FDA technology in our Operation theater. We are aslo change our technology in OT due changes in the technology environment.

Our OT is totally clean and all kind facilities are available inside OT. There will be no disturbance inside the OT will there. We kept it private and have rules and regulations

Inpatient Room

At Dr. P. S. Hardia hospital we have air conditioned operation theaters all the necessary equipment such as operating microscope, cassette sterilizers, Phako system for Phako surgery , ultra sound instrument scanner etc., We also have emergency theatre for septic cases.
Our medical personnel are always behind their desk, standing ready to serve our patients.

Better Eye Care is Our Mission

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Dr. P.S. Hardia Advance Eye Surgery and Research Institute, Bypass Chouraha, A B Road, Opp Papaya Tree Hotel, Rau, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 453331