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 Clear vision is essential for virtually everything – our work, our daily activities, and our quality of life as such. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good natural vision. Eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, so-called refractive errors, are very common. Many people wear glasses or contact lenses to see well, but some consider them a great inconvenience. They just want to enjoy good vision without glasses or contacts. Thanks to medical advancements, this is possible.

All you Need to Know About Refractive Eye Surgery

If you have a refractive error, such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, or presbyopia, refractive surgery is a method for correcting or improving your vision. There are various surgical procedures for correcting or adjusting your eye’s focusing ability by reshaping the cornea, or clear, round dome at the front of your eye. Other procedures involve implanting a lens inside your eye. The most widely performed type of refractive surgery is LASIK (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis), where a laser is used to reshape the cornea.

3 Main types of refractive surgery are:

1. SMILE Eye Surgery
2. Femto Eye Surgery
3. Contoura Eye Surgery

SMILE Eye Surgery

Laser Vision Correction, particularly the SMILE procedure, has become an extremely effective and gentle method of treating most refractive errors. However, whether this treatment is appropriate for an individual depends on various factors, and an eye doctor can assist in determining the best option for their specific vision needs.

SMILE, the latest advancement in Laser Vision Correction, is a minimally invasive surgery that offers outstanding results in correcting myopia and mild astigmatism up to 5 diopters. This procedure is gentle and comfortable for patients, as it involves creating a small piece of tissue inside the cornea with a laser and removing it through a small incision. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, it affects only a small amount of corneal tissue, which helps to preserve the biomechanical stability of the eye and allows for fast healing.

Another advantage of SMILE is that it is a keyhole procedure, meaning there are no flap-related complications or side effects. As a result, corneal sensitivity is quickly restored, and patients can return to their normal activities soon after surgery. Visual recovery is also fast, and patients can typically resume driving and sports activities within a few days.

Femto Eye Surgery

Femto LASIK is a highly advanced and effective technology used in refractive surgery that involves the use of a computer-controlled laser to correct various vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism by reshaping the cornea.

The Femto laser is used in Femtosecond-assisted (Femto) laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK), a type of laser eye surgery that has been developed since the 1990s. This method eliminates the need for mechanical cutting tools by generating the corneal flap required for LASIK using a laser, resulting in faster healing without sutures.

The procedure starts with the application of numbing drops and the use of an eye speculum to keep the eyelids open. A suction ring is then centered over the pupil, and a lens made of glass is used to flatten the cornea and steady the globe of the eye. The surgeon directs the Femto laser to create a flap on the cornea’s surface with laser pulses before releasing the suction. The cornea is then reshaped using an excimer laser that employs ultraviolet rays, after which the flap is replaced without sutures.

Overall, Femto LASIK is an advanced and precise method of treating various vision problems, offering faster healing and improved accuracy.

Contoura Vision Eye Surgery

Contoura Vision is an advanced technique that has taken LASIK corrective surgery to new heights. It involves computer-guided topographic mapping of the microscopic contours of the cornea, the clear front of the eye, to treat irregularities in both the cornea’s curvature and optics.

Patients who have undergone this procedure often report seeing clearer than before, even without glasses, and with reduced glare around lights. Unlike the currently existing wavefront LASIK, which only measures around 200 points, Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery delivers a measurement of 22,000 points, making it more accurate.

Since topography assessments are more precise, personalized treatments are necessary, making Contoura Vision LASIK an effective way to correct refractive errors. It eliminates the need for external vision support such as glasses or lenses, making individuals less dependent on them.

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